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peter | uncategorized | Saturday, December 23rd, 2006

For quite some time I was going to start a web project which was supposed to help me reach the following goals:

  1. improve English skills;

  2. improve web programming skills;

  3. provide an option to show individual photos I like both of music (from DOWNTOWNMUSIC.NET) and no music matter (from what now became SONICBEET.COM // photo gallery);

  4. occasionally write about topics which do not fit my personal and music blogs in Russian;

  5. host easy to install and maintain small independent web sites for myself and friends.

That project was obviously a blog/site management system with flexible and customizable features.

It took me a year of struggle with myself about what, how and – the most important – when am I going to create that thing, but finally I gave up. Instead of pushing it even farther back, first I built SONICBEET.COM // photo gallery and processed and uploaded to it images from the last six months, and now I am starting this blog using WordPress engine. In the near future I will try to post at least every once in a while, starting with a few photos and the list of top 20 CDs from last year. Then we will see…

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