2008 top 10

peter | uncategorized | Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

As usual the list is in alphabetical order.

  • 2 Foot Yard “Borrowed Arms” (Self Produced)
  • Daniel Kahn / Psoy Korolenko / Oy Division “The Unternationale: The First Unternational” (Auris Media)
  • Green Zone “Bayt” (Callithump)
  • Gunnar Halle, Jeppe Kjellberg, Steinar Nickelsen “Echidna” (ILK)
  • Imai Kazuo Trio “Blood” (doubtmusic)
  • Joan Jeanrenaud “Strange Toys” (Talking House Records)
  • NEW “Deadeye Tricksters” (Bo’ Weavil Recordings)
  • Sanhedrin “Saa Mannakada Donna Kanji” (Breathing Bass Records)
  • Southside Johnny With La Bamba’s Big Band “Grapefruit Moon The Songs Of Tom Waits” (Leroy)
  • The Angles “Every Woman Is A Tree” (Clean Feed)

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